Sending and Receiving Mail

Sending and Receiving Mail

Get the sales context to your email communication by sending and receiving emails from right within Zoho CRM.

With the Zoho Mail Add-on, you can send Emails to your Leads, Contacts and Deals modules. You need not switch to your email service to communicate with your contacts. With the Zoho Mail Add-on, you can integrate your favorite mail client with Zoho CRM and Zoho CRM becomes one-stop for all your business communication.

Email Limits

In Zoho CRM, you can send either bulk emails or individual emails. Following are the limits for sending emails based on your account's Edition.

For Individual Emails

The email limit for the organization will be calculated based on the total number of confirmed and active users in the account.

  • In the Free Edition – 50 x total confirmed and active users (per day, per organization) for up to 4 users. For accounts with more than 4 users, the limit is 200 emails (per day, per organization). 12 AM to 11.59 PM in your organization's time zone is considered as one day.
    For example, you have 2 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. Then the total number of individual emails that a user can send per day, per organization will be up to 100 (50 x 2) emails. If you have 6 (or anything more than 4) active and confirmed users, then the total number of individual emails that can be sent will be 200, as that is the fixed limit for more than 4 users.
  • In the Paid Editions – 300 x total confirmed and active users (per day, per organization). 12 AM to 11.59 PM in your organization's time zone is considered as one day.
    For example, you have 5 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. Then the total number of individual emails that a user can send per day, per organization will be up to 1500 (300 x 5) emails.

For Mass Emails

  • You can send mass emails based on your Zoho CRM Edition. 12 AM to 11.59 PM in your organization's time zone is considered as one day, to calculate the email count.
  • The mass emails per day, per company includes Autoresponders, active email Schedulers, Macros and Mass emails.
  • You can also increase the mass email limit up to 2250 per day, per organization for an additional cost. Please write to us at to increase your mass email limit.

Sending Email

Through Leads, Contacts or Deals Module

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
    Module refers to the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. tabs.
  2. In the [Module] Home page, select the record from the List View.
  3. In the Record Details page, go to Emails Related List and click Send Mail.
  4. In the Compose Mail page, enter the email message, attach files, and specify additional email addresses in CC & BCC fields.
  5. Click Send.
    The email will be sent to the recipients with a copy of the mail stored under Emails Related List, in the sent folder of Zoho Mail and your configured mail client. See Also Attachment Limit

Through the Emails Tab

You will get the email tab only if you have the Zoho Mail Add-on in your CRM account.

  1. Click the Emails tab.
  2. Click Compose from the left panel.
    While entering the recipient email, by specifying the first 3 letters of a name, you can search the leads or contacts in CRM.
    The attachment limit while sending emails using Zoho Mail Add-on is 10MB. (Applicable in any Edition) See Also Attachment Limit

The rest is the regular Email process. The compose window is similar to any mail compose editor with its set of editing and formatting options. If you have configured your outbox, then the mails will be sent after an interval of few minutes.

Through Gmail Account

With just a few simple steps in the settings you can send mails from your Gmail account and view them as sent items in Zoho Mail as well as in Zoho CRM.
To get this option working for your Gmail account, configure the Zoho Mail filter for Gmail POP account:

  1. Log in to Zoho Mail, click Settings > Mail Organization > Filters > Add Filter.
  2. In the Filters page, do the following:
    • Add a Filter Name.
    • For the message criteria, select Sender Is with your Gmail account (
    • In the Move to Folder option, browse and select Sent.
    • Click Save.


  • The above option works only if you have integrated Gmail with Zoho CRM.

Bounced Emails

There are a couple of reasons why an email gets bounced and does not reach the recipient. They are categorized as hard bounces or soft bounces. Soft bounces are temporary reasons why an email does not reach a recipient. This could be because of one of the following reasons:

  • The recipient's mailbox is full.
  • The email message is huge.
  • The recipient's server is down.

For hard bounces, the most common reason is that the email address is not valid. Other reasons when even a valid email address can hard bounce are:

  • Email delivery is blocked by the recipient's email server.
  • The recipient has unsubscribed from the mailing list.

While sending an email from Zoho CRM, if you get an alert message, "Mail Address do not exist" that could be a hard bounce and possibilities are that you may not be able to send further emails to the same email address. 

Schedule Emails

Let's say a lot of your customers are in a different time zone. Or you have an important meeting later in the day and you are not going to be available to take care of emails at a specified time. In that case, you can simply schedule the emails in CRM and let the system take care of sending the mails at the right time. Following are the three types of scheduling options offered by Zoho CRM:

  • Best time to email - as suggested by CRM.
  • Pre-defined options for scheduling (Today, Tomorrow). 
  • Custom scheduling.  

To schedule an email

  1. Go to the required module.  
    Email scheduling is available for Leads, Contacts and other custom modules. 
  2. Select the record and click Send Email.
  3. In the Email Compose window, click the Schedule Email icon.

    If there is a CRM suggestion on the Best time to email this contact, this time will be displayed. You could select this time and schedule it right away.
  4. In the Schedule At popup, you can select the time from the options as shown below.
    • Best time to email - This is a suggestion offered by Zia, CRM's intelligent assistant. CRM studies the email trends with customers and offers the best possible time when the customer would most likely be available to check the email. You can choose one of the time stamps offered here to ensure that your email is immediately checked.
    • Predefined options for scheduling - Here, you get pre-set options such as Today Evening, 18:00 Hrs.
    • Custom scheduling: Here, you can choose a specific, date, time and time zone.
  5. Click Schedule.
    The email will be scheduled as per your choice. It will be listed under the Email Related List of the record.You can check the status of the email to see if it has been scheduled, delivered and so on.

    You can view the email and edit it before the scheduled time. On clicking edit, the compose window will be open where you can make changes, re-schedule or disable the check box to send the email immediately. You can even cancel the scheduled email by deleting it from your related list. Note that only the user who has scheduled the email can edit or delete the email if needed, before it is being sent. Users who have sharing permissions, will be able to view the email only.
    Learn More: Best time to contact customers.


  • Best time to email as suggested by CRM is available only for the Leads and Contacts module. 
  • To schedule an email, a user would require the Send Email permission in their profiles.

Attach Documents

You can send email in two ways: Form the Email tab or directly from the record (in a module). While sending emails you can attach documents from your local drive, Zoho Docs and Google Docs. Please note that you can send emails only from the Leads, Contacts, Deals, Purchase Order, Sales Orders, Quotes and Invoices modules.

To attach documents

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
    Module refers to the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. tabs.
  2. In the Module Home page, select a record.
  3. In the Record's details page, under Emails Related List, click Send Mail.
  4. In the Email Compose window, select the option through you want to upload an attachment.


  • Attach form Zoho Docs is available only after you configure your Zoho Mail Add-on.
  • In the Free Edition, you can attach files up to 3MB.
  • In the Professional and Enterprise Editions, you can attach files up to 10MB.
  • Zoho Mail Add-on users in any Edition can attach files up to 10MB.
  • You can attach a maximum of 5 attachments from the Zoho Docs in a single email.

Receiving Emails

When you receive an Email, the Zoho Mail servers fetch it into the Zoho Mailbox. The same mail is then fetched into Zoho CRM. The received mails that are related to the particular lead, contact or deal will then get listed under the Emails section in that Lead's, Contact's or Deal's page respectively. Mails related to the main contact associated to the Deal are listed under the Email section in Deals page.

Important Notes:

  • After configuring your Zoho Mail Add-on as an Account with record-level sharing option, you need to enable sharing option for each Lead, Contact or Deal.
  • Even while configuring your Zoho Mail as private account, you can view mails of other users provided they have enabled.
  • Leads, Contacts and Deals with no Email address will not display any mails in their Email section.
  • Changes made in the Email address (for Leads or Contacts) will fetch only the mails linked to the new Email address. Mails linked to the previous Email address will no more be available in the CRM.
  • Change in the Mailbox (Email address configured for Zoho CRM) will not display the Emails of the previously configured Mailbox. These Emails will however be available in Zoho mail.
  • Emails for the deactivated users will not get displayed in the Leads, Contacts or Deals page. However, the Emails can be viewed in the individual's mail account.
  • While searching the mails of a particular contact, archived emails from your account will also be listed.
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