SalesSignals - An overview

SalesSignals - An overview

Gone are the days when customers communicated with your brand through relationship managers only. Now customers have multiple channels by which they communicate with your company. From visiting your website to filling up surveys, from raising support tickets to posting on Twitter and Facebook, customers get in touch with several people from various departments in your organization. As a relationship manager, it is very hard for you to stay on top of all these channels. SalesSignals in Zoho CRM keeps you informed real-time about your customers' interaction with your brand across multiple channels.

The SalesSignals feature in Zoho CRM provides real-time notifications from your leads, contacts, or potential customers. You can keep track of all the customer interactions across various channels and follow-up with them from one central place, your Zoho CRM account. SalesSignals improve timely communication and enables you to follow-up with your leads and contacts and close deals quickly.

For example, consider that you have a lead with whom you have scheduled a demo next week. The lead is visiting your website to know more about your products. With SalesSignals, you will receive notification as soon as the lead visits your company's website. You can identify the web pages accessed by your lead, the time spent, and the information your lead is interested in. These details will help you prepare for a demo for the prospect.


Profile Permission Required: All users will be able to view the notifications and modify the SalesSignal settings.
Only if an integration is enabled, the related SalesSignals can be received. Users with Administrator Profile can set up the various integrations.

The following table lists the types of SalesSignals displayed in Zoho CRM and when they will be displayed.


Displayed when

Incoming Email

Mails are received from leads, contacts, or potential customers.

Email Insights

A lead, contact, or potential customer opens an email sent from CRM, clicks a link in the email, or when the email has bounced.

The status of the email can be "Opened", "Clicked", or "Bounced".


Missed calls are received from leads, contacts, or potential customers.


Survey responses are received from leads, contacts, or potential customers.


A lead, contact, or potential customer opens an email sent from an email campaign, clicks a link in the email, or when the email has bounced.

The email status can be "Opened", "Clicked", or "Bounced".


You receive missed chats from leads, contacts, or potential customers.


New support tickets, comments, or responses are received from leads, contacts, potential customers, or customers.

You will also receive SalesSignals notifications for support tickets that are overdue or escalated or when a new rating is provided by a customer for a support personnel.

Note: You can filter the SalesSignals notifications for new tickets, comments, and responses based on leads, contacts, or potential customers.

The SalesSignals notifications are displayed when you click the Notifications icon () on the top-right corner of the Zoho CRM home page. You can identify the SalesSignal type based on the icon displayed below the lead or contact's name and view them. You can receive and view SalesSignals notifications only if they are configured in Zoho CRM.

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