Page Level Customization

Page Level Customization

Page-level customization refers to customizing a record's details page and the layouts related to it. This includes organizing related items on a page, customizing related lists, search layout and the list views.

Organize Page Details

The option to Organize Page details, is available in each module and helps to change the order of the related list views. Additionally, you can show or hide some of the related lists as per your organization's requirement using this feature.

To organize page details

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click a [Module] tab.
  3. Select a record from the list view.
  4. In the [Record] Details page, click (More icon) and then click Organize [Module] Details.
  5. In the Organize [Module] Details page, choose the options from the Unselected List.
  6. Move the selected options to the Selected List.
  7. Change the order of the Related List as per your requirement.
  8. Click Save.

Customize Related Lists

Related Lists are the sub-sections seen in a record's details page. These sections display records from other CRM modules that are associated with the parent record. For example, when you click on a deal, you see sub-sections such as Products, Open Activities, Campaigns etc. Open Activities display the tasks, calls and events associated with that particular deal. Similarly the Products Related List displays the products associated with the deal. You don't have to navigate to other modules to learn about the deal - all of the details are presented to you in the Details page of the deal, in the form of Related Lists. 

These Related Lists are customizable. You can easily choose the columns to be displayed on each related list. 


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Customize Zoho CRM permission can access this feature.

To customize existing related lists

  1. Click the desired module. 
  2. Click on a record from the list view.
  3. In the [Record] Details page scroll down to the required related list section. 
  4. Click the dropdown arrow found on the right corner of the section. 

    This will display all the columns in the module. 
  5. Select the columns that you want to be displayed in the Related List.
  6. Click Save.


  • Company defined mandatory fields cannot be removed from the Related List columns.
  • You can create custom fields for a module, and the same will be listed under the list.
  • To add a related list in the Details page of a record, click More button > Add Related List. Click Unselected Related List and choose the required list. 

Customize Search Layout

The Search Layout helps you customize the field values that you want to view in search results. For example, when you search leads by name, you may want to view the values from the email, phone, lead type and lead source fields. You can select just these in the Search Layout. A maximum of 10 fields can be selected.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Administrator profile can access this feature.

To customize search layout

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator privileges.
  2. Enter your search keyword on the global search text box and hit Enter
    The search results will be displayed from matching CRM modules as individual sections.
  3. To customize the columns in these sections, click the drop-down arrow at the far right corner of the required section.
  4. Select the columns you wish to be displayed.
    You can select a maximum of ten columns per section. You can also reorder the columns.
  5. Click Save.


    • You can filter search results by selecting the specific modules that CRM should search in.
    • To filter search results, click the dropdown arrow near beside the Search icon.
    • Select the modules from which the search results should be displayed and click Search.
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