Converting Records Using Workflow Rules

Converting Records Using Workflow Rules

Converting leads, quotes or sales orders can be automated using workflow rules. When a record meets the criteria defined in the workflow rule, all the associated actions are triggered for the record. Workflow rules created for leads, quotes and sales order have an additional action to convert the record that match the criteria. For instance, if you want to automate the process of converting leads whose status is changed to Qualified, you can create a workflow rule with an action to convert the record.


  • The mass convert action can be added to a workflow rule, only if:
    • The workflow rule is created for Leads, Quotes or Sales Orders.
    • The Rule Trigger actions are Edit or Field Update.
    • A criteria is specified in the workflow rule. Also, if 'Execute workflow only when the criteria is met for the first time' option is selected.

To add a mass convert action to a workflow rule

  1. Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow > Rules
  2. In the Workflow Rules page, click Create Rule.
    You can also edit an existing rule and add the convert action if the above mentioned points are taken into consideration.
  3. Specify the BasicInformation, i.e. Module name, RuleName and Description and click Next.

    Mass Convert action is available for Leads, Quotes and Sales Orders.
  4. For the section When, select A Record Action.
    This is the rule trigger.
  5. Select Edit or Field Update as the trigger action.
    Mass Convert action via workflow is applicable only on editing or updating a field in a record.
  6. For the section Which, specify a rule criteria.
    This decides which records the rule should be applied to.
    Make sure that the Execute workflow whenever this condition is met checkbox is unchecked. Mass convert will NOT be triggered whenever the criteria is met.
  7. Click Instant Actions and select Convert.
  8. Specify the following details to create a mass convert action.
    • Select the Deal checkbox, if you want to create a deal record on lead conversion. In case of Quote conversion, select Sales Order or Invoice checkbox.
      In a workflow rule for leads, the deal fields will be listed. The mandatory fields will be pre-populated based on Conversion Mapping.
    • Fill in the fields for deals. You can either specify a value or use merge fields to add a variable for the deal fields.
      For quotes or sales order conversion, you need not fill in any fields.
    • Click the Change link to select one owner for the contacts, accounts or deals that the leads are being converted to. By default, all the converted contacts, accounts and deals or sales order and invoices will be assigned to the users who own the respective leads. Same is the case while converting quotes or sales orders.
    • Click Done.
  9. Click Save.
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